Thursday, July 31, 2014

Days 9-12 Shake Days, Days 13-14 Cleanse Days, Day 15 Shake Day

We are Halfway through our first 30 days!

I apologize for being lazy about blogging! Last week I had work classes during the day and finals at night. Friday night I went down to Mom and Dad's to spend time with my niece and nephew before they go home to Alabama to go back to school. We swam at the spring, had a scavenger hunt outside after dinner (I had my delicious IsaLean Pro shake!), and stayed up late watching an old episode of the Hardy Boys on Netflix. The next morning we woke up early and went to a conservation area that keeps a well stocked catfish pond for kids to fish in. It is catch and release. Both of the kids got fish.  After that I came back home to get back to work. 

Monday and Tuesday we had our last deep cleanse of the month. I will miss them until next month, but I am glad I can workout more in the next few weeks and really tone up. I can tell I have lost inches, as I am able to wear pants I haven't fit into for about a year! I also have seen a lot of encouraging posts recently from other women with PCOS that have had normal cycles 1-3 months into their Isagenix journey. That really excites me, as I am doing this primarily to overcome my PCOS and have a baby, but also to tone up and be healthy. 

I never used to have energy. Any time of the day I felt like I could lay down and take a nap! And by nap, I would sleep 4-6 hours and then go to bed that night as normal. I was zapped. I was also very cranky and moody. I am sure Stu appreciates the nicer, better me that Isagenix has allowed me to become!

It is amazing what your body can do when given the right tools! It can repair damage, cleanse itself of toxins, and reduce inflammation resulting in weight loss, more energy, better skin, and a new you! I love that this program is tasty and so easy to follow. Everyone is encouraging. I wish I had started months ago! 

Here are my before and after pictures. Just think, I still have 15 more days left in my 30 day challenge! The picture in the white bra is day 1 and the picture in the blue bra is day 15.

The picture from the back, to me is most impressive. You can't suck in back fat! I love that I don't have extra rolls under my bra anymore!

Recently I have been trying to write down my goals so I can achieve them. The thought comes to mind, what can I accomplish in the next 90 days? And in the longer term, where will I be in 5 years? In 90 days I could still be unhealthy, exhausted, and moody, with bad skin, still wanting a baby, and depressed about my infertility.  Instead I chose hope. I chose healthiness, energy, beautiful skin, relief from my PCOS, and a chance to get out of debt for good. 

Where will you be in 90 days? Will you still be fat, sick, and nearly dead? Will you be at war with your body? Shelling out money for medications and doctors visits that will never address the real problems? Or will you join me and choose hope, healthiness, and life? There are twenty 90 day periods in 5 years. Will you be stuck in the same rut you are now? Afraid to try a nutrition system like Isagenix because you think it will cost too much, though you are buying toxic foods and paying doctors bills and buying more medications? 

Take a leap and choose hope. What do you have to lose?

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