Monday, July 21, 2014

Days 3, and 4, and 5- Shake Days

For days 3 and 4 I had to switch the Isa Shake Day schedule for night shift. I ended up throwing in an extra snack of salted cucumbers as a snack on Friday night, since I did my shakes earlier in the day. Saturday night I did the regular schedule, just at night instead of morning. For Sunday I skipped a shake and had my breakfast shake, snack, and dinner since I slept in so late. I went to bed at a normal time after that.

Friday night at work my headache multiplied after the antics of my sweet patients. I have been drinking tons of water to try to prevent headaches, but it just wasn't working. I broke down and took some Aleve. I also had a snack (the salted cucumbers), and that seemed to help a lot.  I think I just tried to change too much too fast. I have done CrossFit Wednesday and Friday and ran Thursday. I made sure to rest Saturday and Sunday.

Since then I have been headache free! 

Saturday night for my meal I had salmon, spinach, and broccoli. It was amazing!  On Sunday I made chicken cacciatore and steamed broccoli.  

The shakes taste better and better as I go along. We will be doing our first "deep cleanse" on Monday and Tuesday. I'm a little nervous, but more updates on that to come!

In other news, I have already seen a 1" loss on my lower abdomen! We will definitely keep the updates coming!

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