Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deep Cleanse- Days 6 & 7 and Shake Day 8

Stu and I had our first deep cleanse days Monday and Tuesday. The cleanse is a unique component of Isagenix's system. It does not work by depleting your system as with laxatives or as a colon cleanse. It cleanses on a cellular level and provides nutrition throughout the day to keep your body from going into starvation mode, all while burning fat! It resets food cravings and insulin sensitivity, detoxifies, and simply allows the body time to work on itself.

The cleanse doesn't taste bad like I thought it would. It sort of tastes like grape juice, but different. You drink the cleanse 4 times a day, along with the IsaSnacks 3 times a day, Ionix Supreme 2 times a day, and tons and tons of water! For those of you that assume the Isagenix system works by "starving" the person using it, you couldn't be further from the truth. People that loose weight on Isagenix have been proven to lose fat and gain muscle. It isn't water weight, and it isn't atrophy.

On day one, Stu and I did get hungry, but it really wasn't bad. The biggest battle was mental. I tried to think of it as a fast. I did start craving fried foods and anything with carbs by the end of the evening. I attributed that to the fat burning, as carbs would be the easiest way for my body to get energy, instead of making it work to burn fat.  Stu and I were both very cold, a common side effect, but we laid outside in the sun for a while and we watched movies.

On day two I had to go to work, so I packed all my cleanse portions and Ionix portion in water bottles and wrapped my snacks and accelerator capsules in tinfoil and brought them all with me. I did get a wave of nausea around portion 2 of my Cleanse for Life, but I ate 2 IsaSnacks and it went away.

The sense of accomplishment this morning was huge! It may be in my head right now, but I feel great, have lots of energy, and I'm pretty sure my abdomen is flatter! Stu looks thinner already too! He said since cleansing he doesn't get as hungry. Our next cleanse will be Monday and Tuesday, then we will have "shake" days for the rest of the month.

I would like to be back at the gym, but this is finals week, and I have had Epic training at work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After this week I will be much more free to focus on physical fitness. And housekeeping :/

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