Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 21: Feeling unstoppable!

I have this system down pat!

It is so easy to mold all my shakes and meals around my preferences and schedule. I have absolutely zero desire to cheat. I did in the beginning, not anymore! I feel like pizza would gag me, and I know I would feel horrible after I ate anything unhealthy. I am just so motivated by how much success I am having with my fitness goals!

Last night Stu and I measured each other. Weird type of bonding, I know! I am down 12 inches from around my body! I was a size 4 to begin with, so that is HUGE for me! I also weighed myself at work and am down 4 lbs! Two different people asked me today if I had lost weight and told me how good I look! They say with a diet, it takes about 6 weeks for outsiders to notice your achievements. It only took 3 weeks! Stu is down 20 inches! That is amazing! He looks fantastic! He isn't too big on sharing his progress pictures just yet, but that is ok.  His skin is smoother, face is slimmer, I can wrap my arms around him so easily now, it's just wonderful!

Tonight I had a different non scale victory as well. This is the first time in months, almost a year, that I have felt awesome during a CrossFit workout. I wanted to do the workout, I was excited to go heavier and get my strength back, and I rested less often. It was fantastic! I want so badly to be even better at CrossFit than I was before I stopped going regularly. I would love to be at a competitor's level. I don't think I would ever care to compete at the Games or anything, just local fun stuff with less stress ;) It feels so great to be back at the gym!

The last few nights I have done an evening cleanse at bedtime. I am hoping the extra cleanse, though not a deep cleanse, will help regulate my system faster and allow me to feel even better.

My team leader, Amanda got me a cute little notebook to write down ideas, goals, and dreams. I have started writing down my 90 day goals. I wrote down the bible verse I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I know I can achieve my goals with Christ. He has put them on my heart, and I cannot wait to work hard to make them a reality! Things like getting all A's in nursing school and getting out of debt are big dreams for me. I also wrote that I wanted to read my Bible to Samuel by 90 days. I am in Joshua now. Slowly I will cross my goals off. I will write down my praises for his blessings and my success. He will lay new goals on my heart, and I will achieve those also. Every day is a new day to make life happen! I am happy to take charge and do just that!

My mom will be starting her Isagenix journey next week, and I couldn't be more excited. She has literally been trying to lose weight my whole life. I just want her to find peace, achieve her goals, be health, and be happy. I look forward to what the next 30 day pack will bring, for us, for her, and for the others I will share with about this life changing product!

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