Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's been 30 days!

I have been on the Isagenix system now for 30 days, and I still love it! I have been avoiding breads, starchy foods like potatoes, sugar, fruit, and dairy. I haven't "cheated" one time, though Stu and I are planning a couple of cheat meals next weekend. People that haven't seen me in several weeks have been telling me how great I look and commenting on the weight I have lost, and how clear my skin is.  I lost a total of 8 pounds, and shed 16.5 inches from around my body, including 3 inches from my abdomen, and 2 inches from my waist. I am very happy with my results!

I had mentioned before about writing down my goals for 90 days at a time, and achieving them. When I make progress on my goal, I write that event and the date in my goal journal. That's one of the best things about Isagenix. It can literally help you achieve almost any goal! One of my goals was to get better at Crossfit. In order to ensure my success, I signed up for a team competition in October. It is going to be tough, and I have a lot of improving to do, but I am very excited to improve and bulk up! Maybe in another 30 days I will be showing all of you my big muscles!

Stu has also done well with the program. He lost 27.5 inches from around his body, including 4 inches from his abdomen, 3 inches from his chest, and 3 inches from his waist. He lost all of this despite not being very strict with the program, and having "cheats" weekly. Above all, though, he does feel much healthier and plans on continuing the program. Let's face it, lifestyle changes are not easy! Hopefully together both of us can continue changing our bad habits for healthy ones!

My mom has started the system, and she is doing amazing! By day 5 she had lost 8 pounds and 25 inches from around her body! This includes 3 inches off her abdomen, and 2.5 inches from her waist! I am really proud of her for changing her life for the better, taking charge, and living! She has so much energy now, and already feels incredible, despite only being 1 week into the program. I cannot wait to see the huge transformation! She also hopes to lose a few prescriptions along the way as well.

I cannot say enough good things about this system and how it is changing my life. It is helping me meet my fitness goals and my financial goals. I am in awe of how easily it works and how great I feel!

If you have any questions for me, or want more information about how you can transform your life with Isagenix, please feel free to message or email me. I promise you will absolutely not regret it, and my promise is backed up by a 30 day money back guarantee!

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