Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Girl!

My Birthday has always been my favorite holiday. My mom always made sure to make it extra special for me, and this year was no exception! I woke up this morning to a message on my car windows on my way to clinicals.  I didn't get a picture because of the rain, but it said, "Happy Birthday Jacey! We Love You!"

Clinicals was pretty good. I got to start an IV, take out some staples, watch the Dr. do some stitches bedside, take out a central line, and give some IV push drugs. It was my idea of fun these days! I talked to my Fiance afterwards and then got a little nap before dinner. Mom made me sweet potato casserole complete with marshmallows, breaded, baked chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, and a chocolate birthday pie! When I blew out the candles I couldn't think of a single thing to wish for, since my wish for so long has been to be engaged. I used every shooting star, wishing well penny, and birthday candle to try to make it come true! My parents said now maybe my wish should be for money to pay for this wedding.

She and dad got me 2 of 4 pieces of artwork I've had my eye on for my bedroom. They will look great on the wide white walls of the apartment.

I put down a deposit yesterday, so we officially have a photographer for the wedding! His name is Bob Ocken, and I am very excited about his work. He has a very journalistic view, which I enjoy. I don't want to be posing for pictures during my entire wedding, I want pictures of events as they happen.

I have some birthday homework to do, and then I plan on sleeping amazingly well! Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes and good tidings for my engagement!


  1. I am drooling now. Your dinner sounds amazing! I am glad to hear you had a great b-day. Love the pics too. =)